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Carmel CMI Public School is a Senior Secondary School, affiliated to the CBSE. Its Inception was in the year 2003-2004 with only the Kindergarten and class 1. The current enrolment of 1355 students consist both girls and boys. Entry is usually from LKG at the age of four and most student’s progress through the school to the higher classes. We are convinced that the aim of all education is the formation of the human person for the fulfilment of his individual and social responsibilities. We concentrate more on quality than on quantity and foster good inter-personal relations. Carmel CMI Public School is directly under the supervision of the religious priests in the ST. ANTONY’S CARMEL HOUSE PULIYANMALA. The house was established in the year 1966.

  • Management

    Carmel CMI Public School is a residential school, affiliated to the CBSE, run by the Kottayam St. Joseph’s Province of...

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    The school aims at providing the students with a perfect ambience for learning with the combined efforts of the responsive...

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    The school has been facilitated with variety activities so as to nurture the chosen bests of the society. The activities...

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    Carmel CMI Public School

    Our aim is to provide sports activities for all ages and abilities. Sports Club offer a field for the local community to enjoy a variety of sports .The sports club...


    Carmel CMI Public School

    The nature club aims at including an appreciation of nature among students and encouraging them to participate in a variety of conservation initiatives. It aims at glorifying the town of...


    Carmel CMI Public School

    One important aspect of learning mathematics is mastering practical techniques, such as addition, division, measurement and so on. Critical thinking skills may be required to apply these techniques to complex...


    Carmel CMI Public School

    Since, education is to empower and to enlighten the qualities within a person; 'Vox Sociali' is an exclusive organization of Social Science Department, with the ultimate objective of the harmonious...


    Carmel CMI Public School

    Carmel CMI Public School The science club was organized to provide year round opportunities for students to explore science. In view of the rapid to strides being made in the...


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Carmel stands for excellence in academic and co-curricular activities of the students. This is a Community of students and teachers who live in a family atmosphere, living and respecting one another. The school provides: