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Our aim is to provide sports activities for all ages and abilities. Sports Club offer a field for the local community to enjoy a variety of sports .The sports club will continue to develop with exciting plans in the pipelines to expand and grow the club to keep up to date with developments of our club sign up to the website. We aim to create new teams in variety of sports for juniors and adults, creating a sense of belongingness and team of unity.


The nature club aims at including an appreciation of nature among students and encouraging them to participate in a variety of conservation initiatives. It aims at glorifying the town of kattappana and bringing back the lost greenery of the town. Nature club observes 'environment day' and 'sevanadinam' every year. Nature club plants various kinds of plants and saplings in the school premises .Carmel CMI public school has always been committed to sensitizing its students on issues relating to environmental degradation .Thus it encourages its members to be pro active towards sustainable development in their given environment.


One important aspect of learning mathematics is mastering practical techniques, such as addition, division, measurement and so on. Critical thinking skills may be required to apply these techniques to complex problems. In math’s club, we explore a range of practical mathematical activities. The objective of the school math’s club is to stimulate children’s mathematical curiosity hopefully, experiencing the wonders of maths will result in a positive attitude towards the subject that will serve them well throughout their formal education and beyond.


Since, education is to empower and to enlighten the qualities within a person; 'Vox Sociali' is an exclusive organization of Social Science Department, with the ultimate objective of the harmonious development of each and every student in a congenial environment contributing to society striving for excellence. To accomplish this aim, every year we codify a range of live activities such as debates under the moderator ship of resource persons, interactions with civil service rank holders, visiting of special schools are a few notables. Such initiatives will immensely benefit students, who are willing to learn, and make them proactive enough to face odds in their journey. Yes, it thrives to give wings to their dreams.


Carmel CMI Public School The science club was organized to provide year round opportunities for students to explore science. In view of the rapid to strides being made in the fields of science and technology, we have a fully functional science club. This club functions under the supervision and expert guidance of teachers, and broadly aims to inculcate an improve scientist temper amongst our students; promote scientific thinking and new ideas and enhance scientific awareness.


The aim of Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is to foster better relationships between parents and their children's school. .PTA creates a partnership which helps the school listen to and deal with parents' concerns; and for parents to learn more about the school and how to improve their children's education. Every year we have elections to the PTA executive Body. Representatives to the executives are selected from parents from various back grounds.

PTA Executive 2013-2014

PTA President : Mr. Benny Kurian PTA Vice President : Mr. Rosy Shaji

PTA Council Members

Mr. Bose Peter Mr. Aloysious Mr. Jincy Jins Dr. Joe Thomas


Our literary club is under the guidance of Language departments. This club is known as Himaleng and it takes relentless task to improve the language of children through writing, reading, quiz competitions, essay competitions, and hand writing training and competition. The program of the literary club organizes a series of reading and writing workshops for students. It helps them to improve their extraordinary strengths as learners, thinkers and leaders. The workshops which we are organizing will provide the tools for successful reading and writing, speaking and listening. Literary Club raises the potential for increasing academic performance for every participant.

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